Thursday 10 July 2008

8 July 2008 - Sandwich

With an early start (6am...) to clear a few bits off the desk, I was ready and willing to leave work at 2pm for a dash down to Sandwich with The Bearded One to try and see Red-viened Darter and Marbled Whites. With the wind being force 5, any thoughts of the darters were very quickly eliminated. A clump of Little-ringed Plovers and a bevvy of Corn Buntings was a welcome distraction from official darter look-out duties. The Bearded One claimed R-v darters earlier in the week - yeh, right.
A wander round the fields produced a nice fluttering of butterflies - amongst them, Marbled Whites. Yes, my target species for the afternoon, but hardly showing well in the wind - certainly not the image I was looking for.

Next to throw itself in front of the camera was this Essex Skipper - like the previous species, I think this is the first time I've captured Essex Skipper in glorious pixelation (note the black 'ink pads' under the ends of the antenna - if you want to).

Lady's Bedstraw - we think. Not the best picture. But a common plant that should be known to us all - unless I've cocked the ID up! In which case it is something else entirely.
Marsh Helleborine - one of the nicest orchids, and certainly putting on a good showing at the moment.

Small Copper - trying to catch the last of the day's rays.

Last today was this wee snap of Southern Marsh Orchid. Not the best specimen: not the best picture. Will try harder next year!

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