Friday 30 May 2014

30 May 2014 - Cabbage anyone?

This Cabbage Moth found on the patio this morning was several shades darker than I used to - and the prominent white lines near the outer edge are stronger than I'm used to on CM. Or maybe I should just check the images of my previous Cabbage Moths!

Thursday 29 May 2014

29 May 2014 - Wye Downs and Dover, Kent

Had a nice walk with Max over Wye Downs and then in the Dover area. A nice selection of moths didn't include any I was actually looking for... The day did, however, supply a most unexpected Straw Belle near Dover. Wall was a nice surprise at Wye Downs.

Straw Belle, 29/5/14, Dover area

Wall, 29/5/14, Wye Downs

Painted Lady, 29/5/14, Dover

Large Skipper, 29/5/14, Dover

Yellow Shell, 29/5/14, Dover

Six-spot Burnet

Five-spot Burnet?

Wednesday 21 May 2014

21 May 2014 - Larkfield, Kent

This Cypress Carpet was a welcome find on the side of the house this morning - Changing the bulb over the decking for 'something slightly more attractive' is paying dividens... Other recents there have been a couple of Buttoned Snouts and a Poplar Grey.

Cypress Carpet

Cypress Carpet

Monday 19 May 2014

18 May 2014 - Cliffe Marshes RSPB

An interesting night at Cliffe with Dark Spectacle being a personal favourite - especially as we also caught a 'normal' Spectacle to compare. The Puss Moth photographed is one of five that were attracted to an assembled female. Two dark Green Pugs were interesting if ultimately not quite as interesting as we had first hoped.

Dark Spectacle

Dark Spectacle (left) with Spectacle (right)

Puss Moth

Green Pug

Shoulder-striped Wainscot


Pale Oak Beauty

Saturday 17 May 2014

16 May 2014 - Dungeness

Tried a spot of coastal mothing last night - though with clear skies and full moon, there wasn't huge expectation. Actually had a really good couple of hours before packing up - the micro Ethmia bipuntella was an incredible beastie!

Ethmia bipunctella

Grass Emerald

Tawny Shears

Tawny Shears

Light Feathered Rustic

Light Feathered Rustic

Lighht Feathered Rustic

Mullein Wave

Broad-barred White


Cream-spotted Tiger

Friday 9 May 2014

9 May 2014 - Cliffe Marshes RSPB

A visit to Cliffe Marshes RSPB started poorly with quite a wind blowing still. Having decided to trap in a sheltered area, the wind then died-down and I regretted not being in my usual spot. Darn it!
The Hairy Dragonfly was a surprise addition to teh night's list!
Hairy Dragonfly

Hairy Dragonfly

Rustic Shoulder-knot

Light Brocade

Syndemis musculana

Moth spp.....Cochylis atricapitana???

Micro spp 1

Monopis weaverella???

Wednesday 7 May 2014

7 May 2014 - Holborough Marshes KWT

Despite the wind blowing a hooley, I managed to find a sheltered corner of teh reserve to do some moffin. Turned out to be the best evening of teh year so far. Two Seraphims was the highlight - having only caught a handful over the years.


Ingrailed Clay

Rustic Shoulder-knot - I think! 

Pseudargyrotona conwagana

Tuesday 6 May 2014

6 May 2014 - The Lakes

Left the patio light on just to see what would turn up. It hasn't been very productive so far this year so this Buttoned Snout was a very welcome visitor.

Buttoned Snout f. unicolor

Monday 5 May 2014

5 May 2014 - Dungeness

Had a day down at Dungeness - to climb lighthouses and splash in the sea with Max. A lovely day that also yielded a couple of moths and a great looking jumping spider.

Yellow Belle

Pellenes tripunctatus. A wonderful wee spid!

Poss Espera sulphurella??

Muslin Moth - female