Monday 19 May 2014

18 May 2014 - Cliffe Marshes RSPB

An interesting night at Cliffe with Dark Spectacle being a personal favourite - especially as we also caught a 'normal' Spectacle to compare. The Puss Moth photographed is one of five that were attracted to an assembled female. Two dark Green Pugs were interesting if ultimately not quite as interesting as we had first hoped.

Dark Spectacle

Dark Spectacle (left) with Spectacle (right)

Puss Moth

Green Pug

Shoulder-striped Wainscot


Pale Oak Beauty

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Marc Botham said...


I think I suggested this as a possibility on the night and now seeing the photo I´m even more convinced, I think the Green Pug is a Sloe Pug - look at the orangey-brown band on the abdomen. Sloe Pug does have a greenish sheen to it and similar markings, but the band on the abdomen separates it from Green Pug.