Sunday 27 April 2014

27 April 2014 - Cliffe Marshes RSPB

Did some surveying at Cliffe Marshes RSPB this evening. A few lovely Orange Footmen in pristine condition. A small selection of pugs included a possible Oak-tree - the pattern looks right but I thought the wing was a little pointed.
As I packed up the traps, I was more that a little surprised when a Great Silver Diving Beetle landed beside the last of the illuminated traps - a wonderful beast!
Orange Footman

White-spotted Pug

Oak-tree Pug

Great Silver Diving Beetle

Thursday 24 April 2014

24 April 2014 - The Larches KWT

A short session this evening at The Larches KWT - cut short by cold temps and high winds (perhaps I should have looked at the forecast! Though it was a neither a case or quantity or quality, the few things we did catch were in good nick!

Pale Tussock f. concolour

Scorched Carpet

Green Carpet

Maple Prominent

Lunar Marbled Brown

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Wednesday 16 April 2014

16 April 2014 - Struan, Perthshire

A return to Struan to see what I could find again. This trip was undoubtedly more productive than a few days ago
... 270 macros of 12 sp.

Ringed Carpet

Ringed Carpet (below) with Engrailed (above)

Brinndled Beauty

Early tooth-striped

Yellow Horned (tatty!)

Red Sword-grass

Red Chestnut
Autumn Green Carpet


Friday 11 April 2014

11 April 2014 - Struan

Drove up the A9 to see what I could find in the headlights of the car

Red Sword-grass
Engrailed (presumed, though tatty)

Mottled Grey

Powdered Quaker (red jobby)

Chestnut (I assume!)

Micro - a fantastic wee beastie!

Wednesday 9 April 2014

9 April 2014 - Perthshire road

Found this female Pine Martin very freshly dead on the road whilst on the way back from Loch of the Lowes last night. Was surprised at just how big it was - having only seen live PMs once before - though comparison with five year old son Max may exaggerate things...

Pine Martin (below) with Max (above)

9 April 2014 - Loch of the Lowes SWT

The start of an Easter holiday in Scotland. Tok the first opportunity to do some surveying for SWT at their Loch of the Lowes reserve. 200 macros of 14spp.
Pine Beauty

Oak Beauty

Easry Grey

Common Quaker - red form

Brindled Beauty

Small beetle - stym... something...

Tuesday 1 April 2014

1 April 2014 - Near some Wild Privet in Kent

After looking at the books, decided that tonight would be a good night to target Barred Tooth-striped. Armed with John Clements and some knowledge of where to locate some Wild Privet on calcareous soils, we set out... An hour later and we were by the coast. A short time after that and we had scored two lovely (OK, beauty is in the eye of the beholder) Barred Tooth-stripes. A Least Black Arches was my earliest ever record (or is it actually my latest ever record? You decide.).

Barred Tooth-striped
Barred Tooth-striped

Least Black Arches