Saturday 8 March 2008

8 March 2008 Nimmo's Pier, Ireland

After a painful trip to Ireland some years ago, Crew Intrepid once again embarked on their quest to add an irish gull on to their lists. With a first winter and an adult American Herring Gull both being seen in Galway for the the past few months, the whole thing would be a piece of cake - wouldn't it?
Captain Guildford arrived the evening before - followed by an early start with the Bearded One (looking as beautiful as ever) joining the vehicle at a time when the youth of today are just going to bed. The flight from was Stansted uneventful; arrival at Shannon and drive to Galway, equally so.
Searching for said gull proved more difficult than expected - indeed, it was only at the eleventh hour (about 5.32pm) that our quarry was properly sorted out from a dark juvenile Herring Gull of the sub-species 'Gysi'.

Good stuff for the day included Surf Scoter x2, Little gulls, Black-throated Diver, 15+ Iceland Gull, Rook (!), er Mute Swans, Grey Heron, and one certainly, possibly two, American Herring Gull(s). Tick!