Monday 14 July 2008

13 July 2008 - Hamstreet Woods

So, The Good Lady Wiff and I ventured out this sunny afternoon to soak up the rays and find some White Admirals feeding on teh brambles at Hamstreet Woods.
Did we find any White Admirals? Did we XXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!
Still this Gatekepper did its best to entertain us.

Foxglove - pretty, ornamental and just 'nice'.

Wood Sage - doubtless, once used as an ancient stuffing for Woodpigeon or Hedgehog or Rat. These days, we have Paxo when we need to stuff a Woodpigeon a Hedgehog or a Rat.

I dunno what this is and neither does The Wiff.

Ichmeumon Fly spp - one would assume.

And when all else fails, the wind blows and no White Admirals show, some folk got up to their own entertainment. The naughty little things.

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