Saturday 19 July 2008

19 July 2008 - London & Home

Today was an 'ex' day - not filled with lunchtime walks around ponds and meadows. Instead, a train ride bus journey to Westminster Abbey. Usual twitches are at a slightly more frenetic pace than this one. Today was an entry fee and a wander round the Abbey until reaching our quarry - the resting place of Charles Darwin. Next to Sir Isaac Newton, Darwin's tomb is a much more modest affair than most others in the Abbey, and probably for some well understood reasons.

Next on the 'ex' list was this drangonfly exuvia clinging to the front wall of the house. The Good Lady Wiff found it as she was bending over to pick up an extremely heavy bag containing my evenings supply of finest beers. An exuvia is always a, "What's that?" kind of find - this one all the more remarkable as the immature dragonfly (presumably either a skimmer or a chaser) would have had to walk for nearly 60 feet from the lake to reach this point - "Well done, you", we mumbled at the thought of such a long distance marathon the little thing must have accomplished.

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