Sunday 13 July 2008

12 July 2008 - Hothfield Common

A late afternoon dash to Hothfield Common (with The Bearded One) to snap a few wild flowers, was perhaps a little optimistic, given the wind that was blowing at the time. Undeterred, we set out - ready to get wet feet as neither of us had taken wellies.

Round-leaved Sundew - definately one of my favourite plants.

Bog Asphodel - certainly one of my favourite plants.
Cotton Grass - without doubt, not my favourite plant, but it does make you remember trips much further north than Ashford!

Honeysuckle - ready to host White Admiral butterflies...

Bogbean - simply boring (never seen them in flower so don't know if this gets better).

Tormentil - we're nearly 100% sure. Well, we were about 86% sure to be precise.
Final shot of the afternoon - Small Copper. Managed to squeeze this shot in before The Bearded One arrived and flushed the poor little blighter...

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