Sunday 26 October 2008

26 October 2008 - West Hythe, Kent

The Good Lady Wiff is getting more uncomfortable as due day approaches (the 28th Oct according to the medical profession). There was clearly only one thing for it - hop in the car and pop down to West Hythe to have a look at the Green Heron.

With the weather being somewhat grotty, I tried to play a clever game and leave it till late in the day in the hope that the rain would have passed over - it hadn't.

We arrived, eventually, only to be met by some rather drowned looking folk who hadn't seen the bird. Undeterred I walked ahead of the rather slow wiff and sure enough - no sign of the Heron. When the Good Lady eventually arrived, we hatched a wee plan and I duly set out along the footpath behind where I assumed the bird would be. The Good Lady whistled to let me know the bird had come out. Walking back to her possition, sure enough, the Heron was on her side of the canal (the other side fom the reeds) and was now showing along the bank from the dam.

In the fading light, I walked along the toe-path and had the bird down to 10 feet as it walked towards me.

Prints available £1.50 + P&P.

In all honesty the views were rubbish - even at that distance, owing to the fading light. I may well try and pay homage to this super little chap on another occasion - perhaps it'll be our childs first twitch! Perhaps it is better to have the thing delivered first - though that does make it sound like a large sofa!!!!!

For slightly better pics of the Green Heron click here.

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