Saturday 25 October 2008

25 October 2008 - South Foreland valley, St Margaret's

I joined The Beareded One for a ringing session in South Foreland vally, St Margaret's. Despite half a dozen nets up, we failed to catch an Eastern-crowned Warbler or a White-throated Robin! Shame, but at least we hadn't gone to Wales for a dip on the Little Blue Heron which we had seen earlier in the month in Ireland.

This female Green Woodpecker was one of the highlights of this morning's efforts.

I tails of woodpeckers are really quite amazing structures. Stiffer than a bishop in a brothel, the tail feathers are used as a prop when the bird is climbing a tree.

Lots of crests in the valley.
Also seen: Swallow 25+, Brambling (2+ heard), Siskins, Redpolls, Mipits, Peregrines (males and female together), and stuff.

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Warren Baker said...

Nice ringing session BB. In answer to your question, - I'm not a ringer, but I help out a ringer, who lives a few doors up from me. He has caught a few Pied wags, but as yet has had no controls from them.