Monday 13 October 2008

12 October 2008 - Larkfield Lakes

A late afternoon walk, around larkield Lakes, with the Good lady Wiff produced this juvvy Great-crested Grebe in one of the ditches. 'Confiding' is probably the word as it searched for grub, seemingly unconcerned by the presence of admirers - well, onlookers. I was tempted to jump in and grapple the grebe in order that I could release it on one of the main lakes - but eventually I thought better of it.

Teasle - dunno what else to say about it. Just after taking this shot we had excellent views of a Hobby catching some of the last Odonata of the season - nice.

And finally, no blog that including this area is complete without a few shots of the Water Voles. For better shots, have a look at Steve's blog!

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