Wednesday 17 September 2008

16 September 2008 - East Malling Research Station

Little of note today until I had to leave the office and talk on the mobile for 10 minutes. As I wondered around the site nattering, my attention was drawn to a familiar call above me. Concluding the call, I looked up. Sure enough a Pied Flycatcher was calling and flycatching from the top of the purple beech tree that I was near. Nice bird for the site - to my knowledge a 'first'.


Steve said...

Another good really are going through a purple patch! On the subject of Honey Buzzard i have had 5 at the Lakes since I have watched there but NEVER had an Osprey!

The Bald Birder said...

Definately a purple patch for me. In all honesty it's because of the blog (wanting to see and photograph something new each day) and the inspiration of Adam, Warren and yourself - Patch working rather than my usual running around twitching other people's birds, etc. Diversifying in to butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, etc has also helped - as has the price of petrol!! Only reason I got two Ospreys on Sunday was cos I was lying on my bed searching for them (ultimate lazy birding!). You're probably too busy proper birding. Hence I got lucky and you still need Osprey for the site. 5 Honey Buzzards is excellent - there MUST be one this Autumn over the Lakes. Fingers crossed. Ross

Warren Baker said...

I agree with your sentiments entirely. Running a blog does make you pay a little more attention to whats out there. So where's my PIED FLY!! I have just one record in 7 years.