Monday 15 September 2008

15 September 2008 - Airways over East Malling

Operation 'Honey Buzzard', and armed with scope, bins and camera a quick lunchtime session with Adam and Adrian to gaze up in to the skies over East Malling Research Station.

Two distant Sparrowhawks and then..... an Osprey!!!!!!!!!!!

Far to far away even for my 'low quality assured' images but I was really pleased with the find, particularly as I had invited an audience to join in.

At 5.30pm Adam I ventured up to Holly Hill to look for Honey Buzzards but succeeded only in finding 38 large aircraft, 57 small aircraft (possibly various species for a really keen plane spotter), 3 hot air balloons, 1+ helicopter. Adam really excelled himself this evening and even called a paraglider - genious!

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