Monday 29 September 2008

29 September - East Malling

A lunchtime walk produced lots of nattering but little of natural history note - the Ivy was covered in insects large and small - this Red Admiral probably the most impressive. Quite a few other butterflies on the wing still - Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, etc, so hopefully a few pics still to come. A Brown Argus on site a couple of days ago was so worn I surprised it could still fly.

Caterpillar spp legging it across the path. Smart, parhaps not pretty, but just smart, I shall await suggestions on the ID.
Only other record of note today was a Nuthatch calling for the second time in a few days - it's been a while since we had Nuthatches regularly on site, so perhaps this is the start of more records.


Warren Baker said...

Looks like a tussock moth species BB

Tony Morris said...

hi, I think it is a Knot Grass, (I've put a link to your blog from mine).