Thursday 7 August 2008

7 August 08 - Work - Mega at East Malling

Now a Common Sand isn't usually the sort of bird that your average Chris Heard or Steve Webb gets very excited about, but in East Malling, this is the sort of bird that that makes the finder a legend - well, sort of.

This little chap graced the lake all afternoon - staying long enough for Adam to come down and get some better pictures of it (I never did like him!).

This is it (the Common Sand, not Adam) in flight - though I would have preferred to see Adam in flight! The poor quality image looks suitable for the next monthly British Birds competition.

The post bags have been full recently with requests for an update on the Little Grebe chick that we tried to prevent from thinking it was 'The son of Hagar' (see earlier post of you can be bothered). Good news in the Little Grebe household - three chicks are currently being reared by the two parents. Successful breeding at East Malling has occurred - and not for the first time... but that, Ladies & Gentlemen is a story for another evening.

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Steve said...

Nice one with the Common Sand....was hoping for one on what i still laughingly call the scrape at leybourne lakes this AM...but no sign. I did get my first Brown Argus for the patch this year in the east scrub this morning so pleased with that. Pic on my blog