Tuesday 26 August 2008

26 August 2008 - East Malling

A quick lunchtime wander found me staring at these bright orange little fungi.

Now quite which little orange fungi it is - I don't know, but hopefully Greenie will post soon....
Scutellinia umbrarum - Thanks Greenie!

Green Sheild Bug - I assume, but was surprised to see masses of them on the herbage. None of these seemed to be adults - and some of them seemed very wee indeed.

My ladybird ID hasn't come along a lot recently, but now understand it's a 14-spot.

And the less said about my Spid ID, the better...
And thanks again to Greenie for the Garden Spid ID - I must get the Spid book out more...


Greenie said...

Your little orange fungi - from this distance - best shot - assuming it's on wood - Scutellinia umbrarum , another member of family S.scutellata -Eyelash Fungus actually has eyelashes round the rim .
Ladybird - 14 Spot .
Spider - Garden Spider , diagnostic white cross on abdomen .
Hope this helps , Cheers

Chris Kershaw said...

Yes the spider is definitely Araneus diadematus - white-cross garden spider.