Thursday 7 August 2008

6 August 2008 - Larkfield Lakes

There had been 'buggerall' natural history to report on of late - that was, apart from the fact that 54 Grey Squirrels were, er, .... removed from work recently. Failing all else, the weather decided to put on an impressive show.

A thunder storm - and quite a good one at that. And if you thought taking pictures of bats was fun, lightening is getting there.

Tripod, remote firing, 30 second shutter - it should be easy. And still the 'event' happens in the milli-second between images.

Out of nearly 300 images, a few interesting ones.

But when this b***ard went off, it was time to pack up and head for bed. It was 11pm by now and all had been pitch black. This one was so close all the colours of trees and buildings can be made out - cool.

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