Friday, 10 July 2015

9 July 2015 - Some Bilberry near Sevenoaks, Kent

Revisited the Bilberry patch that I found by chance a couple of weeks ago - target was to see if Beautiful Snout could be found there. It could - with six arriving to the traps after one had disgraced itself by landing on me before I got the lights running!

Scarce Silver-lines was also new for me whilst Pine Hawk-moth and True Lovers Knot where good to see. The Waved Carpet is the four location I've found this moth in this year.

Beaiutiful Snout
Scarce Silver-lines
Scarce Silver-lines

True Lovers Knot
Pine Hawk-moth
Waved Carpet
Twin-spot Carpet - I think
July Highflyer
Micro 1
Micro 1
Micro 2
Micro 3

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