Tuesday 24 August 2010

24 August 2010 - Mevagissey, Cornwall

Dark Sword-grass - a welcome find in my second Cornish catch. Though it perhaps doesn't look massively different from other Noctuids (if this is teh proper term) in these photos, in real life it was a large, elongated and altogether different beastie. Nice.

Dark Sword-grass - again.

Bloodvein - the first one I've caught since trapping (had seen a few before).

Possible Small White Wave - not 100% sure of the ID of these waves. This one was very well marked.

Flame Carpet - the first of many caught on this trip.

Misc Micro time...

Presumed Oak Bush Cricket - though I ought to look it up just to check

Small green thing - answers on a postcard please...!

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