Sunday 22 August 2010

22 August 2010 - Mevagissey, Cornwall

Four-spotted Footman - a big lump of a Footman and therefore even more Cockroach-like than your average Footman. Still, it was a welcome find on day one ofthis Cornish holiday.

Bordered Beauty - a little stunner!
Small Wainscott

Purple Bar

Dusky Thorn

Triple Clay Lines (fairly confident of ID - but only fairly!)

July Highflyer

Small Square-spot Rustic

Small Square-spot Rustic (again) - but a different individual

Pinion-streaked Snout - I assume.... though I'm probably goingto be told that this was actually a micro....!

Common Rustic - but I did think for a long time if this was actually a Creasent or something else before reluctantly accepting this 'Common' fate

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