Thursday 8 January 2009

8 January 2009 - Nr Adam's Office, East Malling

Went to Adam's office today to have a look for these supposed Bramblings - after finding one female and then another and then another, I then started finding male Bramblings

Had at least fours males and four females - including this shot of four birds together.
Some of the males were cracking - even if these pictures are not!
A few thrushes also around to practice pictures with - all very nice for a quick lunchbreak.


Ken. said...

I liked the Brambling pics. Nice to see 4 males together

Adam said...

Better shots that mine - checked later with Mike Easterbrook but no sign, just Chaffinches! Thanks for the shout - almost viewable from the office windo, just shows it's best to check what's on your doorstep! Ad

Warren Baker said...

Who's going to get a pic. of the patch waxwing first!