Sunday 11 January 2009

11 January 2009 - East Malling

A quick wallk this afternoon round East Malling Church revealed 4 Waxwings high in the top of a tree.

The first walker to be heading towards me was soon ID'd was Kent Butterfly Recorder, Mike Easterbrook - thankfully the birds sat firm as Mike walked underneath them.

After phoning the news out and contacting Adam the Waxwings flew off South - we wandered on.

A few Bramblings on site as we headed back. As we neared the Church, Adam walks towards us with what he claims to be pictures of one of the Waxwings taken at point blank range - nice one Adam, I'm sure I've seen that image in a book somewhere!!!!!

Notice how cleverly I managed to get either a shadow or a twig across some part of every bird - now not everyone can achieve that!


Adam said...

Mmm....suspiciously like some images posted on BirdGuides recently $x Boroughbridge, N Yorks).

Ken. said...

Glad you saw some Waxwings. Any chance of sending a few over to Halling!as I keep going out looking for them but still nothing.Still I will keep trying.

Steve said...

Nice one.....keep an eye out around the Lakes...