Monday 30 June 2008

30 June 2008 - Cliffe Marshes & Ranscombe Farm

While Andy Murray tried to do his bit for Britain... perhaps I meant to say Scotland, I headed up to Cliffe Marshes to look for - well, who knows what I was looking for? (Certainly not me). It was windy and bright sunlight - not ideal conditions for anything, apart from drying wet under pants.

Emerald Damselfly - this one didn't even try to look like a Scarce Emerald. With th clear triangular shapes on segment two, nothing was going to stop this being called just an Emerald.

I don't often 'do' grass - this is probably Sea Couch. I didn't smoke it.
Lesser Bulrush.

A very fresh Ruddy Darter - yet to attain a 'Ruddy' life.

A Drinker moth caterpillar - said in olden days (just before John retired) to drink the morning dew.

Viper's bugloss.

Toadflax - A nice end to the day. And I got back just in time to see Britain get in to the next round of Wimbledon!

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