Wednesday 2 July 2008

2 July 2008 - Ranscombe Farm & Holborough Marshes

With Andy Murray, Britain's last tennis hope, on court this evening, our thoughts turning to Wimbledon. The Good Lady Wiff sat in front of the box and watched all the action whilst I ventured out with The Bearded One to Ranscombe Farm. It was ironic that there were masses of fruiting Wild Strawberries. Cream anyone?

This is a Field Scabious just coming in to flower - almost better than the rest of the pink flowers that we misidentified as Devil's-Bit Scabious. We're still in the 'keen but ignorant' category when it comes to wild flowers.

And this little chap is Self-heal. Named after ancient use to heal ones self..

And finally we moved south, down the A228 to Holborough Marshes. Successful in getting very wet feet, we finally plucked the rabbit out of the hat, in the form of this fine female Emperor. Cheers luv!

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