Monday 14 July 2008

14 July 2008 - Work

After the tree truck searching successes of last week, there was but one thing to do - more, er, tree truck searching.

First trunk - a Garden Carpet moth.

Not on a trunk, for that one moth was the highlight (well, sort of) of my trunk search today, instead looking at my feet produced (in addition to my feet) this nice clump of Field Green Speedwell. It wasn't looking forward to the speedwell family, but these were pretty. After three, say "Ahhhhh". 1, 2 ....
Gall on Willow caused by Pontania proxima - or one of the similiar gall-causing beasties that occur on willow.

I'm losing interest in ladybirds! This, I think, is a 10-spot Ladybird - argue with the identification if you care, for I do not!

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