Tuesday 15 July 2008

15 July 2008 - Work & The Lakes

Common Fumitory showed well - a smart little plant and surely too nice to have the word 'common' in its name. The fumitories are related to poppies - but different.

Yarrow - and probably Common Yarrow - cos it is common. But, then again, as it is the only Yarrow, and there isn't a rare one, it's just called Yarrow.

The Tawny Owl continued to do its thing - only one seen today.

A late evening bat walk with The Bearded One, was largely unsuccessful - if the aim was to see bats. This Daubenton's bat was one of several skimming low over the water. Don't know what was causing the reflection at its rear end... a bat ring just seemed too improbable - I guess we'll never know.

And this little chap was unidentified as it tried to land in my hair...

This Common Frog ended the evening

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