Saturday 19 July 2008

18 July 2008 - Work

Gipsywort - now in glorious flower... In days gone by Dr Campbell would send me out looking for this plant in the hope of a rare aphid lurking amongst its leaves - now I find it a 100metres from the office. Your gypsy in days gone by (I assume) used Gipsywort to blacken their faces - dunno why, probably to make them look as though they had been slaving over hot burning tyre to cook their food.

Dovesfoot Cranesbill - flowers tiny and quite dark purple in comparison to Small-flowered Cranesbill which is pale lilac

And this little thing (again tiny flowers) also found in the grass. I'm opting for Black Medick on account of the combination of tiny flowers (ruling out Hop Trefoil) and very hairy bits (which I think rules out Lesser Trefoil). Will have to see if it produces small black fruits in due course.

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