Sunday 22 June 2008

15 June 2008 - Corsica Day 1 - Getting there

A 2.50am start may suit your average hyperchondriac or old people like The Bearded One, but certainly not the Good Lady Wiff and I. Consequently there is nothing to report of the journey until arriving at Bastia Airport, Corsica.
3 Cattle Egrets from the plane as we came in to land followed by a House Martin colony on the airport buildings. Transfer provided an excellent opportunity to gaze at the countryside and look for first bits and bobs - or it would have done if we hadn't fallen asleep.
Couple of Turtle Doves as we arrived at the hotel.
An early evening wander produced a juv Moorhen, Italian Sparrows and Hooded Crows (spp Sardonicus), while a post-grub walk through the camp site opposite provided us with two male Scops Owls calling to each other.

The view from the room.

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