Thursday 12 June 2008

12 June 2008 Work

A lunchtime walk produced this confiding japser. I haven't seen masses this year - and I do probably look just as much as the next bald nutter. Think it is just a Common Wasp, though some of the head markings on the front do seem a little at odds with this assumption (close up views of the front 'mask' are available on request!).

OK, OK, I admit it - I don't know what this is. I am assuming that with long antenna and a thin abdomen (that then gets wider), this is some sort of Ichneumon. But sometimes, you just got to hold your hand up and say "I don't know" - and I don't know.

Helophilus spp - and I dare you to argue with that vague identification.

Volucella pellucens - quite what this little blighter has done to have a name like an Italian pasta dish I don't know (Note - Identification based on black body hair not brown).

Eupeodes nitens - A surely one of the smartest hoverflies I've seen. Was hoping it was a rare, but the old book shows it to be common as muck across the whole world (well, UK anyway).

Emphis tessellata (I suspect)

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