Thursday 26 June 2008

26 June 2008 Work & The Lakes

First Meadow Brown and Essex Skipper of the year at work managed to escape being caught by the camera as the battery was flat. To get at least one image of the day an evening stroll around the Larkfield lakes produced a few plants, insects, etc - and Jasper Carrot and his family.

First up was some rosebay Willowherb - not the most unusual plant to see, but having included two other willowherbs over the past days, it seemed appropriate.

A fresh Five-spot Burnet, seemingly showing only four spots (the little rascal), was a nice and quite striking beastie on this windy evening.

Grass Vetching - in grass and looking very grass-like was a nice little bonus.

Final image for uploading tonight was this Roesel's Bush-cricket. It'll be good when there's a few more of these at full size to get some snaps.

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Adam said...

Nice to know we're held in such high regard! I might sound like Jasper Carrott but at least I don't look like him!!!!!!!!!!