Friday 13 June 2008

13 June 2008 - Letter from Mr A Teapot of Essex

Just wanted to thank Mr A Teapot of Essex, for his kind letter raising a possible wrong identification on a picture of a Four-spotted Chaser. Clearly an excusable and perfectly reasonable human error had occurred resulting in the incorrect labelling. Git!

And now, something completely different.

Nuffin actually seen today... Common Pipistrelle bat, 'Barry', detected in back garden again this evening. It (I won't assume that 'Barry' is a 'he'), can be picked echo-locating at 45 kHz from just before dusk until about 11pm on most calm evenings.

One Soprano Pipistrelle found on evening of 9th June in back garden but was picked up (at 55 kHz) when observer/listener to too tired to update blog (or too busy quaffing a tin of Fosters, more like). Either way it was a new species for the house.

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