Monday 8 June 2020

Swallowtail at Denge Marsh: 7 June 2020

With an adult Rose-coloured Starling at Denge Marsh on Saturday, I decided upon a short coastal visit with Max... After failing to visit the RSPB Dungeness reserve (I hadn't realised they were all still closed), we popped round to Denge Marsh to try our luck with the RCS. No sooner had I stopped the truck (10:20am), that I saw what looked like a Swallowtail Butterfly just a couple of metres in from the road. Exiting the vehicle and grabbing camera (I should have done that the other way round), I was able to confirm that I hadn't been imaging things!

I got a WhatsApp message out to Kent Birders and managed to attract the attention of the O'Reilys - at least we now had someone else on it.

The butterfly was initially on Viper's Bugloss and grasses, but later, when a small crowd of twelve or so had gathered, it was on Hemlock (I think!).

With kids taking priority over the past few years, it's been over a decade since I have seen Swallowtail in the UK - this though was my first record of the continental subspecies. And a self-find as well!!


The Sussex Idler said...

Great post - I'm planning to head down tomorrow & have a look for the Swallowtail. I'd like to take my dog - would this be unduly restrictive? Thanks in advance.

Ross said...

Hi there - I think there's been no further sightings of the Swallowtail since Sunday so, to be honest, I think chances of refinding it are slim. That said, we've had cooler temperatures recently, so it could appear over the weekend (if it were to appear at all). Good luck - and take the dog as there is little harm that can be done (in relation to the butterfly). Ross

The Sussex Idler said...

Thanks Ross - I've a days holiday booked tomorrow anyway so ......... if I just get some sea air it'll be worth it! You never know though!!! I'll let you know how I get on. Mark

The Sussex Idler said...

No joy!