Tuesday 9 June 2020

Pale Shoulder: Dungeness - 7 June 2020

News on the pager of a Pale Shoulder in the garden of Dungeness Bird Obs was exciting - if you like that sort of thing - as it hadn't been trapped at light and was therefore 'countable' in my personal moth listing criteria. Popping to Dunge again after an earlier trip (see earlier Swallowtail post) was perhaps excessive, but how else could I see a genuine Pale Shoulder??? Travelling through the heavy rain, I wasn't overly optimistic that it would still be in the exact same patch of the garden. It wasn't. What I hadn't realised was that the moth in question had been potted soon after its discovery. Oh well - nice picture perhaps, but my quest for a Pale Shoulder in the UK continues!

Pale Shoulder, Dungeness Bird Obs; 7 June 2020

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