Tuesday, 14 June 2016

13 June 2016 - Thornden Wood

Spent a few hours north of Canterbury sampling the moff delights of the local environs. Several Diamond-backs, a Silver Y and this European Corn-borer were welcome catches, the waves, carpets and pugs though added extra entertainment...

European Corn-borer
Haworths/Lead-coloured Pug...
Broken-barred Carpet
Cream Wave
Speckled Yellow
Clouded Brindle
Clay Triple-lines
Birch Mocha
Common Swift
Little Emerald
Small White Wave
Dwarf Pug
Grey Pug
Grey Pug
Anyclis unculana (rather than badiana??)
Ancylis unculana
Crambus lathoniellus
Ancylis mitterbacheriana
Ancylis laetana


Bennyboymothman said...

2nd and 3rd Pug, Grey for me.
Ancylis badiana, laetana and mitterbachiana for the torts.

Micro 2. Crambus lathoniellus.


The Bald Birder said...

Thanks Ben - really appreciated. Looking closely at Manley and Sterling/Parsons, I think I'm opting for unculana rather than badiana - but would be genuinely happy to be told why I'm (as usually) wrong). best wishes, Ross

Unknown said...
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