Sunday 12 June 2016

10 June 2016 - Orlestone Forest - National Moth Night

Spent a few hours in Orlestone Forest for Natioanl moth night - 11 (eleven!) Agrotera nemoralis was the highlight though Scallop Shell is undoubtedly a personal favourite. Pine and Elephant Hawkmoths, Red-necked footman and a few other fun bits ended the evening. I try and put names to the pugs tomorrow...

Agrotera nemoralis

Scallop Shell

Marbled Brown

Pinion-streaked Snout

Eulia ministrana

Eulia ministrana

Eucosmomopha albersana

Epinotia bilunana

Green Oak Tortrix

Pug 1

Pug 2

Pug 3

Pug 4

Grey Arches

Pine Carpet

Common Swift

1 comment:

Shaky said...

Hi Ross, the micro captioned as Eucosma campoliliana looks to me like Epinotia bilunana?