Saturday, 19 July 2014

19 July 2014 - Orlestone Forest

Visited Orlestone Forest to try out a new sugar solution recipe I found in a book - a wizzed-up blend of: three ripe bananas (in their skins), third of a tin of stout, two tablespoons of black treacle and a dash of Jamaican white rum (I still can't the latter as it reminds me of the night of the Great Storm when, as a student, I got so trollied on rum I missed the storm completely!). I applied my sugar to a few trees and returned an hour or so later. The best tree had 20 Copper Underwings, 5 Dark Arches and a few Lesser/Common Rustics. Other moths attracted were Herald (1) and three Old Lady. Total Copper Underwings exceeded 40 - a much better performance than any previous sugar solution I've tried. But.... moth of the night turned out to be netted whilst I caught things in the torch beam as I walked to the sugared trees - a very tatty Olive Crescent!

Olive Crescent

White-spotted Pug (I t hink)

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