Thursday 19 June 2014

18 June 2014 - Badgells Woodland Campsite, Kent

Last weekend I caught several (10+) of these mysterious carpets whilst at the Badgells Woodland Campsite... Somehow, I failed to pot a single one for photography, so popped back to try and catch one...

Although it was still quite light, I put the trap back in the very densest part of the Sweet Chestnut undergrowth (where it already felt like night had arrived) and caught this moth within about 2 minutes. I packed the trap up and headed home in the light - job done!

This specimen is faded compared to the others I caught on Saturday - but not having seen one in proper daylight, I wasn't sure what it was. I'm now pretty sure these are all Waved Carpets - some authorities state there is a dark formed abberation goodwini. Too be honest, I can't see this being an abberation, which implies a one-off mutation, as these moths are very numerous and all alike.

Anyway, I hope I've got the ID correct! Whatever this is, its much nicer than the paintings and photographs I've seen of the bog-standard Waved Carpet...! ;-)

Waved Carpet f. goodwini, 18/6/14, Badgells Woodland Campsite

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