Friday 27 May 2011

27 May 2011 - Blargowrie, Perthshire

A nice wee catch in the neighbours garden - following on from some rough winds which much have seen the end of many a moth in the area.

Lunar Thorn (I need to check my images from last year to see if I ID'd some thorns correctly back then...)

Grey Pug

Pugs spp - whilst looking similar to the pug above, this beast is 50% bigger. I've tentatively claimed it as Scottish race of Freyer's Pug (ie. Edinburgh Pug)

Pale-shouldered Brocade

Broad-barred White - smart little things Spruce CarpetPug spp - probably Common Pug?

Scalloped Hazel


Caddis fly spp

Caddis fly spp - a very dark species

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