Tuesday 13 July 2010

13 July 2010 - Wendover Woods & Didcot, Oxon

On the evening of the 12 July I travelled to Wendover Woods in the hope of catching up with Doug & John for a bit of honest mammal watching. The target was Edible Dormouse - the reality was that no-one knew exactly where to go! Thankfully Lee Evans wasn't far away and after a couple of calls the four of us met up and had superb views of a couple of Glis glis as they fed in the low canopy above our heads. Nice.

Got home late to put the moth trap on and caught this Black Arches within about 10 minutes.

This Nut-tree Tussock looked a bit odd - but all within the now-expected variation of moths!

Knot-grass - again a slightly different looking beast to the previous one. A welcome moth all the same.

And of course no evening is complete without a micro!

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