Sunday 11 July 2010

11 July 2010 - Didcot, Oxon

Wow - of all the things I've caught of late this is up there with the best. Will dig out its correct name soon... ... a Ledra aurita.

Copper Underwing - nice present lurking in the egg trays.

Yellow-tail. Yes, another white one. But all a bit different.

Cloaked Minor

Cloaked Minor again

Blackneck - two caught night, but only managed this snap of one of them.

V Pug - better than my last picture of this species. Just a shame about the background...

Now according to teh patterns, this is just a Marbled Beauty, but it just didn't feel like one. For starters it was bigger than previous MB's, but could it be a Marbled Green? Who knows?

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Ken. said...

Hi Ross.
Nice selection of Moth photographs's.Seem's like a good place to be. Hope you are enjoying it.