Tuesday 3 June 2008

3 June 2008 Holly Hill, Kent

A lunchtime ramble on Holly Hill in the drizzle was perhaps not the most inspiring trip - the view, however, was a little more inspiring than my desk. In a bid to educate myself just a little a few snaps of stuff we all pass by and we all ignore...
First in the lens was a wee Dark Bush-cricket, all of about 6mm head-to-toe. It's going to be a little longer before I can take a few better snaps to enter the competition with Mr Shoelace.
Next up was a hairy hover-fly called Volucella bombylans (I think). This beastie exists in two forms - this one mimicking the White-tailed Bumble-bee. A true fly - I regret to inform that it seems Diptera our now on my radar...
Finally a possible sawfly species - my new Collins guide shows many similar, but not the right combination of white markings, red markings and all that.

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