Wednesday 25 June 2008

24 June 2008 Work

OK, OK, after the enjoyment of Corsican endemics, reality - work! A few minutes of fresh air between email backlogs and meetings produced some nice distractions.
First up was this fine Vapourer Moth caterpillar - a brighter individual than many (other Vapourer Moth caterpillars, that is).

Next up was a clump of Great Hairy Willowherb. Now, interestingly (perhaps), the other common name for this plant is Codlins-and-cream. Codlin is an old word for cooking apple - and it is thought that the name comes from the colour combination of rosy petals and cream stigma and stamens. All the more interesting (perhaps) is that Codling Moth (a pest of apple trees) is the continued topic of research at this fruit R&D site where this picture was taken.

And then, a b. And that's all I know about it. Can I I.D. it? Can I *******! Answers on a postcard please.

And finally an early instar Conocephalus. As Long-winged Cone-head has occasional black markings on the hind femora, I'm opting for that. Others may claim this as a Short-winged Cone-head - either way it's a new species for the site - perhaps.

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