Tuesday 18 July 2023

18 July 2023 - Black-winged Kite at Stubb Mill

 It was at 10pm when the pager went off in the house - the house in which everyone else was trying to go to bed... Muting the alarm, I read the message... MEGA: BLACK-WINGED KITE at the Stubb Mill raptor viewpoint at Hickling Broad NWT reserve, 7:30-8:45pm. Allegedly photographed, but not photographs on social media.

Decision time - hoax or go now? 

By 10:20pm I was off and negotiating the multitude of road closures en route: by 1:45am I was making a bed in the back seats of the truck.  The arrival of so many cars in the car park had me awake by 4:15am - I might as well get up then...

After walking to the Stubb Mill raptor viewpoint, the general consensus was that this could well be a hoax- no one really knew. I wondered off for a bit to see the Cranes and a few other bits - and at the furthest point on my walk, I scanned back to see the birders at the raptor viewpoint running around - I checked the app. The Black-winged Kite was on show! 

A casual sprint...back and seconds later I was enjoying distant views of this vagrant to UK shores! Thanks to Mark Thomas for  the digiscope help!

Very distant Black-winged Kite!

Reed Warbler

Ruddy Darter

Common Cranes

Purple Hairstreak (male)

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