Monday 16 January 2023

8-15 January 2023 - Finland

 A brief trip over to the Arctic Circle in Finland for some proper snow and ice. Day temperatures were -9oC to begin with but warmed-up to nearly 0oC part-way through the trip. 

Finding 'stuff' is hard work at this time of year - lots of people have feeders in their gardens, attracting Willow Tits, Bullfinches (Northern) and an array of other passerines (Tree Sparrow, Great Tits, Yellowhammer, etc). Hooded Crows, Magpies and Jays are all out there, but we had no luck with Sib Jay, Sibe Tit, etc - the latter would have been new to me.

The Black Grouse in the tops of the trees were found by Max (son) and he also found the two Great-spotted Woodpeckers. 

Mammals were a highlight - the ermine Stoat in particular - though the various shades of Red Squirrel  were great. 

Pride of place, however, goes to the Moose that Max and I found and managed to get a few seconds of dodgy video before it went back in to the snow-covered landscape.

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