Thursday 21 November 2019

Vagrant Emperor: Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory, Kent - 20 Nov 2019

I don't often think of late November as being prime Odonata time, so was hardly expecting to see a new species during a frosty spell... Pager news earlier in the week of a female Vagrant Emperor in The Elms at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory seemed too good to be true, especially as the beast in question was sticking to its favourite branch in the chilly conditions - but whereas most things that seem to good to be true are usually naff, the same wasn't true for this individual.

An extended lunch-break enabled John and I to head east to Sandwich and then find the required woodland. Finding the right twig was, however, a rather more challenging task and we resorted to extra help to locate our quarry.

Thankfully, SBBOT Vice-Chairman, Sally Hunter came up trumps with not just accurate directions, but also a lift back round the corner to The Elms and the a guided tour to the Vagrant Emperor which was still clinging to its chosen twig. Seeing something completely new is always a treat - a big, big thank you to Sally for all her help for getting us happily back on the road and, for me, back in the office...

I think this puts me on 44 Odonata for the UK (with Red-veined Darter, Lesser Emperor and Dainty Damselfly all currently eluding me - not that I've put any effort in to seeing them, honest!).

Happy Days  - thanks Sally!

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