Sunday 14 July 2019

Crescent Striped: Grain marshes, 13 July 2019

My first trap of the year on 13/7/19 (shame on me - but work has been getting in the way and that does help pay the bills) saw me out on the tidal marshes near Grain in search of Crescent Striped. Joined by Fred Butcher it was perhaps not a classic night out mothing for the effort we put in, but a few good moths were certainly encountered.

Crescent Striped

Ground Lackey

Ground Lackey

Pseudoargyrotoza conwagana - I think...

Ermine spp



Dytiscus marginalis

Donacaula forficella


Pug spp - Grey or Slender...

Haworths Pug

Ear agg - presumed Saltern

Ear agg - presumed Saltern

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