Saturday 20 September 2014

19 Sept 2014 - Orlestone Forest, Kent

Visited Orlestone Forest last night for some early autumn trapping. With plenty of sugar out and then four lights, my hopes for an interesting night were lessened when looking at the amazing lightening display happening somewhere over the south-eastern horizon (later Bernard told me it was just east of Calais, so why was I worrying?!?).

At 11.50pm Bernard called a Clifden Nonpareil flapping gently down to the ground where the sugar container had been left near the trap - on a quick naff view I confess I thought we'd secured a Red Underwing...that was, until I saw the blue!!

After potting the underwing we returned to the trap 2 metres away, only to find a White-line Snout asking to be seen! Two new moths in two minutes!

And a soon as these two treasures had been found, it started spotting with rain - and then it poured! Moving sharpishly, we threw the unemptied traps in the car - only to spend the journey home being landed on by caddis flies and Oak Lutestrings. All in a night's miffin.

Particular thanks to Bernard for helping me out this night - very much appreciated.
Clifden Nonpareil - a slightly bald one...
Clifden Nonpareil underwing indeed.
White-line Snout
White-line Snout
Anania crocealis
Apotomis turbidana
Marbled White Spot

Beetle spp!

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