Thursday, 22 August 2013

22 August 2013 - A924 in Perthshire

Took an evening drive out to the moors along the A924 - a couple of hours running the light in the mist/drizzle, along the side of the road, produced an interesting catch.

Heathe Rustic
Neglected Rustic
Grey Mountain carpet
Scarce Silver-Y 1

Scarce Silver-Y 2
Scarce Silver-Y 3
Northern Deep-brown Dart
Northern Deep-brown Dart
Northern Spinach
Micro Spp - looked really distinctive - but I can't see it in the book...

Micro spp (again)

Minor Shoulder-knot

Minor Shoulder-knot - 2nd individual of the night

Possible Barred Chestnut - but I'm really not happy with ID -  all help/guidance is much appreciated.

Big, worn, interesting and best left unidentified...?
Dark Arches - dark version!

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