Friday 29 June 2012

28 June 2012 - Warburgh Reserve, BBOWT

Surprise catch of the year, so far, was this superb Double Line. It hadn't really been on my radar, so was all the more appreciated because of its appearance.

Double Line

Haworth's pug

Wormwood Pug (left) with Haworth's Pug (right)

Brown Scallop

Clay Triple-lines

Shaded Pug


Shaded Pug

Micro spp

Grey Pug

Juniper Pug?

Plume moth spp

White Plume Moth

Presumed Mottled Beauty

Mottled Beauty

Heart and Club

Grey Oak Beauty - well, 75% of one....!

Blackneck - with stunted right forewing

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