Sunday 22 April 2012

22 April 2012 - Warburg Reserve, Oxon

With a seemingly dry night ahead, I decided upon a quick Mothing request at the Warburg Reserve. Unfortunately the temps were down to 6oC when I left, so had little hope of anything special by the morning...

Pebble Prominent
After a couple of Lesser Swallow Prominents, this Pebble Prominent was a welcome find. Purple Thorn was great as always.

Scarce Prominent
Final moth of four traps - 2 x MVs and 2 x actinics, was this Scarce Prominent - new for me.

Last activity of the morning was a bit of pond dipping with Max - several newts and a few other odds and ends managed to jump in to the net...

Junior Baldie - happening upon some newts

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